Rianna Dances

Around the age of four Rianna caught a glimpse of a bellydancer on television. Immediately captivated, she knew at that moment that this is what she wanted to pursue. However, growing up in a very rural area of upstate New York circumstances did not allow this yearning to be fulfilled, as there were no practitioners of the art in the area. Instead, Rianna explored other genres of dance over the next 15+ years including:
- Acrobatics
- Jazz
- Ballet
- Polynesian
- Hip Hop
- Irish Ceili (i.e. Social Folk Dance)
- Greek Folk Dance

The dream of studying bellydance slumbered until later in life when a good friend of hers mentioned taking bellydance lessons. Rianna’s passion was suddenly ignited again.

From that point on Rianna has worked diligently with some of the areas top instructors and performers, as well as taking workshops with nationally and internationally celebrated talent. She blends these styles with the clean isolations of jazz and hip hop, the soft hands and delightful hip work of Polynesian, the dramatic flexibility of acrobatics, the powerful lines of ballet, and the intricate footwork of Irish and Greek dance to captivate and thrill audiences.

Instructors Rianna has studied with includes, but is not limited to the following (in no particular order):

Marjorie Ely - Redwood, NY
Childhood dance instructor from ages 4 - 18

Katia of Boston - http://www.katiaboston.com
Lola - http://www.loladance.com
Melina of Daughters of Rhea -
Phaedra -

Rianna has also attended workshops with:

Tayyar Akdeniz - http://tayyarakdenizdance.netfirms.com
Lee Ali - http://moroccandance.com
Rachel Brice - http://www.rachelbrice.com
Dalia Carella - http://www.daliacarella.com
Amar Gamal - http://www.bellyqueen.com/amar_bio.html
Hanan - http://www.hanandances.com/Site/Hanan.html
Nadira Jamal - http://www.nadirajamal.com
Jehan Kamal - http://www.jehanarts.com
Karim Nagi - http://www.karimnagi.com
Artemis Mourat - http://www.serpentine.org/artemis/artemis.htm
Najmat - http://www.najmat.com
Piper of Daughters of Rhea - http://www.daughtersofrhea.com
Rhea of Greece - http://www.daughtersofrhea.com
George Rizk - Renown Lebanese master drummer - http://www.egyptianacademy.com/item_more.php?item=rhythmsE
South Asian Nation - http://www.southasiannation.org/
Suhaila Salimpour - http://www.therealsuhaila.com
Nourhan Sharif - http://www.nourhansharif.com
Yousry Sharif - http://www.yousrysharif.org

Diana Tarkhan  - http://www.dianatarkhan.com/

Mahea Uchiyama - http://www.mahea.com/

Rianna would like to thank all those who have guided and continue to inspire her in this fine art.